Media Time Capsules take Memories into the Future

We start with this question: How will your great grandson get to know your great grandfather?

We create real biographical films of depth that truly celebrate the inner story of a lifetime. The team at Media Time Capsule, a DHI subsidiary, consists of writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographer, but most importantly, people willing to listen. We know only a couple things: People need to know they are remembered, and people need to know their lives have meaning. We help them come to the understanding of both. Through our methodology, we can help people tell the story they want remembered.

The quality of your finished product matters. Everyone owns a video camera, but at Media Time Capsule, we’re true film makers dedicated to helping you share your wealth of knowledge, personality and vision with posterity. This is how we do that.

A part of doing this was turning my back on the way I was brought up. Illness, and cancer specifically, was something we were told never to speak about. I know that sentiment is old fashioned, but I also knew there was a chance I wouldn’t make it. I needed to get my experiences out of me, so that some of the younger children in my family – and their children – would have a chance to know who I was… -Virginia Searcy, Cancer Survivor

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Memory Loss Disease Initiative

As part of Media Time Capsule, we encourage those with memory loss to share their stories and have meaningful conversations with people they love. Our commitment to serving the memory loss community in Southwest Florida is an effort to celebrate the rich lives of those whose memory may be faltering. Our current work focuses on sharing our accumulated experience recording interviews with the organizations that directly serve memory loss communities.

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