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Your competitors have robust YouTube channels. Do you?

Educational Video

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Clients WILL find the information they’re looking for. Will they find it from you though? The majority of all legal advice searches are on YouTube. IVM helps you take control of your online presence.

Internet Video Marketing Works.

People are going to find the info online. They should be getting it from you – not your competitor. People will judge your brand on the quality of your online video presence. Hiring DHI’s subsidiary company will ensure a dignified web presence that delivers what your customers really want. You no longer need traffic on your website – it helps – but a solid YouTube channel will bring just as many people through your doors.

We’re a guerrilla digital marketing and video production firm that is delivering content the way people (4 billion views on YouTube per day!) are willing to consume it. Our goal is to educate you and explain why using video to market your professional services is the best tool you can use to establish a bond with your online viewer. A video helps create trust and if done correctly, will lead your viewer to contact in search of your services.

We’re a producer/data strategist team that can position you online as an expert, for probably less time and money than you think.

We help you create playlists within your channel on YouTube, so that when someone finishes a video on a topic you can control the next logical video for them to watch in sequence. They won’t simply watch one video, then have to scour through your channel, or God forbid, find one of your competitor’s videos on the same topic. Instead of the video just stopping, the next video in the playlist will automatically start rolling… all the while, building your credibility.

Leave nothing to chance. As your partner and adviser in online video marketing and communications, we emphasize…

  • Best practices in Playlist Creation
  • Help creating Logical Video Sequences
  • High-quality Audio and Video
  • Proper Video Titling & Tagging
  • Translation Services as Needed