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Gulfshore Ballet

SWFL’s Premier Classical Ballet Academy

DHI knows Ballet Video Production

At their best, their hair is down. They’re wearing worn out old tights with their favorite slippers. They “go for it” because no one is watching, and the restraints are off. Gulfshore Ballet proves that ballet allows the soul to speak, and the viewer to listen with their eyes. Check out their website here.

Development Video, Gulfshore Ballet

Produced in December 2018

Gulfshore Ballet Spring Performance

Produced in April 2021

Gulfshore Ballet Brand Film

Produced in July 2018

Gulfshore Ballet Brand Film

Produced in March 2013

Gulfshore Ballet Spring Performance Promo

Produced in May 2013

Midsummer Night’s Dream Promo

Produced in May 2016

Sophia & Olivia, Competition Resume Video

Produced in February 2016

Appalachian Spring Motion Graphic Intro

Produced in April 2021

Damian possesses a unique ability to connect with his subjects, and can move and interact with the motion of the dancers. In order to film ballet and fully capture its beauty, this is a must-have capability.

Iliana LopezArtistic Director, Gulfshore Ballet Academy