Tell Your Story.

Your story matters. People don't just buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. I help you tell it in the medium that makes sense.

Articulate Yourself

Not sure how to say what you need to say? When you work with me, we get really close. I get to know what (really) drives you.

Communicate Boldly.

No one cares about your 1000-word bio or where you went to school. Let's discover your voice, and speak to the soul of your customer.

I help you build a beautiful, articulate 

online identity [for your brand].

Your brand’s enemy is a dull, poorly executed online identity. Many small businesses fall prey to this enemy. My job is to vanquish this enemy. Let’s do it together. The best companies utilize elegant design, video and bold messaging to communicate and gain attention in an ever noisy competitive landscape. How do you compete with THAT?

Check out this recent project for DHI’s newest client.

I’m not a magic-bullet communications guy. Nor are you a generic, one-size-fits-all practitioner. This company adapts quickly and with agility to meet the needs of an ever-evolving marketing industry. -D. Hanley

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Damian P. Hanley

Creative Director | Owner | Operator

First impressions count. How many clients do you lose because you’re playing it safe?

I work with a lot of small business owners, and most are so caught in the day-to-day operation of their business that marketing and advertising are an afterthought. If you’re like them, you have an idea of what your company stands for, but I’m guessing it’s not:

A stodgy, out-dated and confusing jumble that communicates poorly and can’t be bothered with good design.

Of course you’re not that! But you may also have just enough business creeping through the door that you believe your marketing is actually working. And although it’s very hard to hold it perfectly accountable, it’s probably accurate to say that a lot of your marketing budget is being wasted.

You could do better! Enter Damian Hanley Inc of Fort Myers, FL. My job is to take your online identity, re-design it, re-articulate it, and produce the media you need to tell your story and shine like you were meant to shine – video production, web design, photography, and content strategy. Check out a small sampling of my client work, and see how DHI can work for you.

Happy & Retained
SW Florida Clients

A heart of service can
take you a long way.

Some of Our Most Recent Client Work

Very Rarely do I just have “Projects”. It starts there, and ends with a relationship.

Institute for Catholic Studies; Diocese of Venice 0:51

This is a short, inspirational video promoting the emerging Institute for Catholic Studies for the Diocese of Venice in Venice, FL. Damian Hanley Inc was also charged with consulting on content creation for the Institute, in the intitial stages of their launch.

Visit their website here.

Alliance Financial Group, Mission & Values [Corporate] 4:12

This is a really solid example of Damian Hanley Inc working side by side with a client to craft a narrative “story” to explain the values of an organization. I was very impressed by the talent, mission and ability to articulate by their agents.

You can visit their website here.; Conference Video Production 1:35

Twice per year Damian Hanley Inc is tasked with a handful of responsibilities in a conference (video) setting. I produce short, promotional commercials (as seen here), as well as full-length, hour-long sessions that are edited for educational purposes.

You can visit their website here.

What My Clients Say About Me

“My family's foundation has high standards, and big ambitions when it comes to our Web presence. We allocate philanthropic funds according to a stringent set of values - and Damian reflected those values in the design and development of our web site. Damian plays a vital role in shaping every aspect of our foundation's brand values and digital. Simply put, Damian Hanley delivers in every way!”

John GambaPresident & Managing Partner, MassiveU

“Working with Damian is a treat because he brings an ability to understanding “get into” the content/subjects he is shooting. I see him as more than an audio/video technician. He is a super conversationalist, keenly intelligent and very fun…and none of that takes away from his ability to deliver excellence on time!”

Jeffrey KlubeckMaster Business Coach, San Diego, CA

“Damian is a superb photographer and videographer with a creative mind. He is the best at capturing a message with visual images and captivating an audience with his creations. Damian has the most important thing also: integrity. He is a man of character, punctual, respectful and a lot of fun!”

Ismael HernandezExecutive Director, Freedom & Virtue Institute
Does Damian Hanley travel? Ask…

Thistle Farms of Keswick, VA

Oh, I travel. Fort Myers is not the only place I do video production, and digital marketing. I was contracted by a semi-retired cattle rancher from Colombia for the purpose of photography, visual storytelling (via video production) and marketing of her highly-specialized Aberdeen Angus cattle. The gig involved:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Aerial Photo and Video
  • And creative writing

Food Photography

Real Estate Photography

Wedding Photography