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The Leader in Fort Myers Video Production

Let’s change how you communicate online.

We're a full-service video production studio located in Fort Myers, FL. We can handle virtually any video production, web and TV commercials, real estate videos, interviews, brand films, corporate video or video marketing project you throw at us.

Some of the newest, coolest work I'm doing these days.

Ever heard of Helical Foundation Support Systems? Neither had I. Turns out this company is saving residential and commercial structures from the ravages of Mother Nature. See how Coastal Foundation Solutions is keeping SWFL safe.

Marketing: What and How

The best companies deploy elegant design, video and bold messaging to communicate and gain attention in an ever noisy competitive landscape.


Damian P. Hanley

Fort Myers Video Production | Owner/Operator

First impressions count. How many clients do you lose because you’re not effectively deploying video in your marketing efforts?

I work with a lot of small business owners, and most are so caught in the day-to-day operation of their business that marketing and advertising, not to mention video production, are an afterthought. If you’re like them, you have an idea of what your company stands for, but I’m guessing it’s not:

A stodgy, outdated and confusing jumble that communicates poorly and can’t be bothered with good design.

Of course you’re not that! But you may also have just enough business creeping through the door that you believe your website and video marketing is actually working. And although it’s very hard to hold it perfectly accountable, it’s probably accurate to say that a lot of your marketing budget is being wasted.

You could do better! Enter Damian Hanley Inc, the leader in Fort Myers Video Production. My job is to take your online identity, re-design it, re-articulate it, and produce the media you need to tell your story and shine like you were meant to shine – video production, web design, photography, script writing (or development) and content strategy. Check out a small sampling of my client work, and see how DHI can work for you.

71 SWFL Clients retained… and counting.

My family’s foundation has high standards, and big ambitions when it comes to our Web presence. We allocate philanthropic funds according to a stringent set of values – and Damian reflected those values in the design and development of our web site. Damian plays a vital role in shaping every aspect of our foundation’s brand values and digital. Simply put, Damian Hanley delivers in every way!”

John Gamba, Entrepreneur in Residence, UPenn GSE

Some of Our Most Recent Client Work

I’m most proud of the breadth of work I do. Everything from steadicam work, to motion graphic design, to 3D satellite motion controlled cameras, to basic interviews. There’s not much this company can’t do with a camera.

Bikram Yoga Fort Myers 03/2024

Muscle car videography, sound design, all shoot & editing

Redline Motorsports, Pompano Beach 12/2023

Muscle car videography, sound design, all shoot & editing

Arts Heal: Florida Gulfshore Ballet 10/2022

Hurricane Ian footage, drone, photography, script

KDL Interior Design 08/2023

Interior Beauty Shots, Interviews, Aerial

Cabinet Genies 01/2022

Interior Beauty Shots, Steadicam, Motion Controlled

Univ Penn GSE 11/2020

Event Coverage, Interviews, Storytelling

Non-Stop Suite 05/2021

Motion tracking, Typography, Motion graphics, Editing

Somero Rock Solid Rally 06/2021

Event coverage, Industry trades advertising, editing

La Macaron, Miromar 11/2020

Macro videography, Product videography, Set design

Thistle Farm 08/2018

Farm documentary, Aerial, Voiceover, Story

Classic Auto Restoration 04/2024

Classic Car videography, interviews, sound design

Grad School of Education [U. Penn] 10/2023

3D Motion graphics, Ivy League videography, interviews

Coastal Foundation Solutions 07/2023

Motion graphics, Aerial, Map Animation, Full Shoot & Edit

Hohme App Explainer 08/2022

Motion graphics, Full shoot & edit, App promo video

d3 Creative Studio 01/2022

3D Visualization Studio, Screen Mockups, Interview

O’Neil Industries 08/2021

Contractor portfolio, 3D motion graphics, Interview

Andrea Damiani 07/2021

Modern dance, Steadicam, Single shot

Floridians for Recovery 07/2021

Video event coverage, Editing, Motion graphics

Allied Physical Therapy 11/2021

Medical practice video, Interviews, Steadicam

d3 Creative, IMAG 11/2021

Interview, Motion controlled B-cam, Color work

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Let’s work together.

When the work means this much, my clients become partners.

Does burning flesh, flying chunks of cartilage and power tools being used to saw bones in half interest you? Well… it did me. Check out this Surgery Video Production DHI produced for OrthoKagan.

I was hired by a local marketing company to produce 3 marketing portfolio videos for the OrthoKagan Orthopedic & NeuroSpine Institute on 4 very… “medical” procedures: a full knee replacement, a hip replacement, a carpel tunnel/tennis elbow surgery, and a knee scope for a torn ACL. Was it gross? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Did I get sick to my stomach? Yes. Would I do it again tomorrow? Yes.

Interviews | Surgery Video | Aerial Video | Video Editing | Sound Editing | Color Correction | Custom Motion Graphics

OrthoKagan Orthopedics

Food Photography

Real Estate Photography

Wedding Photography

Oh yeah... I'm also pretty decent at


Anything from wedding, portraits, fine art studio photography, real estate photos, Damian Hanley Inc can handle most of your photographic needs. Hit me up!