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Coastal Foundation Solutions

SWFL’s Leading Foundation Support Contractor

Great clients that do great work, allow me to do the same.

I was approached in May of 2023 to produce case study videos on… helical foundation support installations? Sort of random. Sort of interesting. Actually fascinating, and what a market they have! The owners/managers of the company, brothers Kit and Key, run an operation that – in the wake of Hurricanes Ian & Irma – is absolutely essential to the stability of every conceivable structure – beachfront mansions, older island restaurants beaten by storms, seawalls for large beachfront hotels, large sail-like scoreboards at FGCU, and older homes on tiny historic islands. Kit and Key gave DHI creative control over the look and feel of the finished projects, and we took the sights, sounds and raw power of the equipment, and created this series of videos that demonstrate the effectiveness and quality of their work. Check ’em out!

New Smyrna Beach Tieback Helical Install

Stabilization of Large Commercial Beachfront Sea Wall

FGCU Volleyball Scoreboard Helical Install

FL State University Athletic Facilities

Barefoot Beach Helical Install

Residential Helical Installation for Storm Stability

Naples Beach Residential Helical Install

Post-Ian New Foundation Helical Install

Matlacha Underpinned Helical Install

Stabilization of Residential Property Post-Ian

St. James City Pin Piling Install

Commercial Property Post-Ian Rehab Install