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Cinematic Wedding Films

[1 day of perfection]

You're beautiful. The love you have for your fiance is beautiful. You've planned for a year. All you want is everything to go PERFECTLY for 1 day! This is why you hire Damian Hanley Inc.

These memories will

last a lifetime, so…

Here are a few things we know you’re thinking about…

  • You will wear your shoes 1 time and they were $600 [record]
  • Your hair and makeup are professionally done for the first time since senior year prom, and you’re in your 30s (better capture that)
  • Even your friends that are not as hot as you are still looking pretty darn hot today (better capture that)
  • Your brother and uncle are hammered – only slow motion will make them look elegant in post-production (we make note of that)

You’re in good hands. We’ve done this before (maybe you have too? no judgment). Hire a company that is both easy and fun to work with for your wedding video – Damian Hanley Inc.

When everyone else is running around frantic, Damian is cool as a cucumber and sort of just in the background capturing all the stuff we wanted him to capture without actually knowing it. He knows how to get great shots and how to edit like a pro. -Emily Dixon

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How to Plan Your Wedding Video

See! I’m not selfish. I’ll show you what to do even without hiring me!

Some simple DOs and DON’Ts of planning your Wedding Video

Do: Get inspired by photos from other weddings. Pinterest boards, etc. But be cautious not to let what others have done restrict you. After all, this is your wedding not theirs.

Don’t: Micro manage your wedding videographer, particularly if you’re hiring a pro. You wouldn’t tell your baker how to bake the cake or the caterer how to arrange the plates.

Do: Schedule a trial run with your makeup and hair stylist prior to your videographer in the process or simply send a few images to add inspiration to the preparation for the big day.

Don’t: Stress too much on the day of the wedding. Communicate your preferences, schedules and priorities before hand.

Do: Enjoy every moment you can with every family member and guest you have the joy of sharing your wedding day with. You will have scheduled plenty of planned photo shoots, but some of your day will feature impromptu moments that just happen.

Don’t: Hide! If you are camera-shy on every other day of your life, make the decision not to be shy on your wedding day. Accept that you deserve all the attention of a million lenses and refuse to be intimidated by the seemingly endless photos and video of you that are being taken.

Happy Couples
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I’m 99% sure these people
are all still married.

A Beautiful Bride
is a Happy Bride

Filming is always professional and discrete with attention to detail from preparations through the grand exit. Our approach is to capture the way your day felt, going beyond how even you remember it, and preserving memories to share with future generations.