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d3 Creative Studio

One of the Leading 3D Visualization Studios in the Country

Customer Testimonial Videos Sell!

Damian Hanley Inc produced a short series of customer testimonial videos for some of their “out-of-the-box” projects that didn’t fall under the normal category of 3D Visualization work they are known for. Any of the hyperreal footage within these videos was produced by d3 Creative Studio (not Damian Hanley Inc) but Anthony DeBono and his team were trusting enough to delegate some of their video marketing to us. Check out all their 3D Visualization work here.¬†

Amy Frith

Golisano Children’s Hosptial of Southwest Florida

Mike Whincup

Galaxy Multirides, Head of Design & Marketing 

Voiceover Mixing Only

All footage was created by d3. DHI produced and mixed the audio only. 

Video Editing Only

d3 Creative Studio produced all imagery. DHI merely edited the reel and produced the motion design.