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These are the softwares I use that are pertinent to my work. I'm honestly not a motion graphics artist, but I know enough in After Effects to get by. Neither am I a sound engineer. In fact, I find most sound editing can be done in Premiere. I am excellent in Premiere.  I've always been a PC person, and am guessing I always will be (despite sharing some of the same blaring character defects as Steve Jobs). I live to create, and I would love to tell your story.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  • Adobe Audition CS6
  • Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Adobe Encore CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Wordpress
  • Google Analytics

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There have been many influential people along the way, who have freely given their time and talents so that I could learn and have opportunities that may have otherwise not been. Therefore, in attempt to keep balance in the universe, I regularly donate my services to worthy causes. Please feel free to drop me an email and explain the multimedia production you have in mind. I can't promise I'll deliver, but often I can help.