Alico Family Golf | Selling with Satire

Alico Family Golf is a driving range, short course, mini golf and golf school in South Fort Myers, FL – technically Estero, FL. The managing partner Kraig Feighery is an eccentric guy with a great sense of humor and healthy ambition.

The driving range and short course have done really well since the day he opened his doors. However, the mini golf course has struggled. For whatever reason, people aren’t as interested in mini golf as they used to be.

From the beginning of Alico Family Golf, Kraig and his partners have insisted on a family atmosphere. God knows we need more places like this, so our goal was to come up with a sticky idea to promote mini golf.

We shot and edited the video in the same day. We used the drone to get dramatic shot and the steadicam to nail down slow-motion tracking shots. Kraig improvised a lot of the dialogue and the result was an hilarious piece of satire.

We used backlinks from the video description area and the geo-targeting tool in YouTube to drive traffic to the mini golf landing page on his site.

It worked. Alico Family Golf’s is now on the first page of Google for his respective keywords and business has picked up. It just goes to show that when you don’t take yourself too seriously, people will see and respond to your personality.

The video had over 3,000 views in the first 2 weeks – not a huge number – but for a local mini golf course, it’s significant.

People want to do business with other people, not a robot. Damian Hanley Inc also built the AFG website and manages its communications.


DHI Also built their website!