For Somos Amigos®, the point is not so much what we do, as marvelous as it is, but rather how we do what we do. From our organization’s inception, we have worked alongside our Dominican brothers and sisters. We make all of our decisions with them; we are always careful not to impose ourselves on our hosts and patients; we are respectful of the dignity and integrity of the people we serve.In January of 2014, I traveled to the Dominican for my second short documentary on the ethos of Somos Amigos.

Somos Amigos is a small medical mission in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. They operate on the basis that people have an obligation to help one another. About 50 medical professionals, translators and eccentric do-gooders travel into a remote region of the DR, 4 times per year, to deliver medical care that would have otherwise never happened. It was, again, my honor to document their mission, and to tell their story. This really is the stuff I live for. Visit the Somos Amigos website here.