Commissioned by Rano Singh of Pansaari, a spice importer in Washington DC, we spent the duration of the trip documenting farming philosophies, Ayurvedic medicine and the general culinary/dietary habits of Indians. It was an eye-opening experience, one that forces the viewer to seriously question their ideas on food supply and what it means to be healthy.

The food culture in India respects the biodiversity of agriculture. Biodiversity is essential for food security and nutrition. Thousands of interconnected species make up a vital web of biodiversity within the ecosystems upon which global food production depends.

With the erosion of biodiversity, humankind loses the potential to adapt ecosystems to new challenges such as population growth and climate change. Pansaari is borrowing the philosophy of Ayurvedia practionioners from Rano Singh’s home country of India.


pan-SAH-ree | noun

  1. a bar, a communal space, or a third-space where you come in for a quick ‘pick me up’, or decide to linger and make new friends: you choose your experience.
  2. the commodities sold by grocers, as tea, coffee, spices, etc.; in the United States almost always in the plural form, in this sense.