Since 2011, the heart of DHI’s business has been organizational brand films. From concept to creation, we travel anywhere, shoot anything and create stunning images of what makes an organization great. Where are we off to next?

1. Discovery

We begin by listening to your concerns and your ideas. We develop a strategy with you, that we use to create work that reflects your brand, speaks to your audience and motivates customers into action.

2. Script Writing

We have many years experience between us, writing scripts for commercials, corporate and web videos and creating content that that fits the personality of your organization. We try to let the real life characters that exemplify your mission guide the process.

3. Pre-production

We’re experts at hiring actors, finding locations and estimating the various costs associated with your production. The preparation is generally the most vital part of a project. If the shots are planned an executed properly, the shoot and edit go smoothly (generally).

4. Production

We have the experience on set to ensure your production goes smoothly and you get the most out of your crew and actors. We shoot aerial video and have a collection of robotic stabilizing equipment to ensure that quality is incorporated every step of the way.

5. Post Production

We shoot, then we edit. We can handle almost any motion graphics project, and our capacity as colorists will ensure that we nail the ‘look’ you’re going for. The real magic of a cohesive final product comes in the edit, and this is where DHI excels.

6. Hybrid Production

These are shoots that involve both video and stills so that you can maximize your production dollars. We can also collect just the audio from interviews and use them as podcasts. Transcription services are also available for site/blog content, as needed.

DHI in India

Since 2011, DHI has worked at a fever pitch to become a source of bold ideas for our clients. We’re a production company that helps individuals and companies find their voice in the imagery they show the marketplace. Commissioned by Pansaari, a spice importer in Washington DC, we spent the duration of the trip documenting farming philosophies, Ayurvedic medicine and the general culinary/dietary habits of Indians. It was an eye-opening experience, one that forces the viewer to seriously question their ideas on food supply and what it means to be healthy.