Everyone’s Got to Change.

We’ve recently undergone a shift in our direction as a company. Over the last 5 years, DHI has evolved into a small group of people that do a few things really well. Rather than try to mitigate our weaknesses and try to be all things to all people, we’re focusing more on what we do expertly. We’re also betting big on a few trends in internet marketing that we believe are the future of branding & marketing communications.

One of the benefits of staying small is that you’re agile. They warned me in my first year of business school that someone would eventually Move my Cheese, and it appears that the cheese is becoming watered down. Web design is becoming more commoditized, and so many companies are “me too” marketing in hopes of grabbing of the “limitless potential” that exists as part of the global marketplace we all think we compete in.

DHI is more concerned with tangible ideas, strategies that we can execute for niche markets and creating beautiful imagery and stories that people want to share. So these days we’re focusing on 4 areas specifically:

  • Brand Films
  • Educational Video (for Marketing)
  • Biopic Legacy Films
  • and Digital Strategy

To find out more about how these concepts can take your business to a new level, contact us for a free initial consultation.

More about Damian Hanley

The son of a lively Italian and Irish family, filmaker, photographer, and writer Damian P. Hanley was born in Cherry Hill, NJ. He studied at Loyola University of New Orleans, and found the city’s unique characters a catalyst for the artistic combination of technical study and storytelling that developed as hallmarks of his work.

Damian’s true skill is capturing the essence of real people’s lives in the media he’s made his passion. One of the few photographers of his generation whose body of work leans heavily on black and white, he has contributed to several publications and non-profit organizations as a staff, freelance, and contract photographer and writer since 2002.

Over the course of his career, Damian has contributed as a photographer to some 100 biopic interviews, films and articles, as well as to a number of personal “media time capsules” he’s developed to preserve the stories of people’s life experiences. His stories have included “The South Side, of Jamaica,”A Spice Journey Through India,” “The Real Cost of Education in the Jungle,” and “The Women that Will Lead Tomorrow.” He has also helped publish several biographical and documentary pieces, and has worked on production teams around the world.

Producing studio quality films to share the story of folks ranging from FBI agents to third-world refugees has taught Damian one thing above all: Every person’s story matters, and the fabric of our world is knit more tightly than we imagine.

Skill Set

Brand Messaging


Graphic Design


Responsive Web Design


Digital Strategy


Video Production


I highly recommend working with DHI. Their sense of style is a little over the top, but tasteful. They really do go to any lengths to get great footage, and tell the stories that make our organization truly its own. Damian has excellent project management skills and was very responsive to our feedback. The experience of working with them was seamless.

Ash Nicolette, Brooks & Freund

"Damian has great vision with the camera. He knows what look the piece should have before he begins. He insists that you trust him as a director, and after a lot of lobbying on his part, I'm glad he convinced me to."

Frank Brightwell, Somos Amigos

"Damian came to India and just took to the culture like a fish to water. He soaked it in and that really allowed him to create a robust short film for my import company. He learned everything he needed and more about the subject matter. He educates himself so he can go beyond just telling a decent story. He can tell great stories."

Rano Singh, Pansaari